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Rent Collection Service

Collecting rents and security deposits in full and on time is crucial to ensure you get the most out of your rental property. At Langee, Realty Inc. we can fully manage the collection and disbursement of rents from your tenants.

Time is Money.
For owners who already have difficult tenants. We specialize in dealing with problem tenants.

Tenant Location and Referral Service

Property Management Tampa Florida

At Langee Realty, Inc. We own many properties of our own, so we fully understand the importance of your property being occupied at all times and only with high only high quality tenants. We can find you a great tenant for you property. We screen and background check all of our tenant to ensure they respect and treat your property as if it were their own.

Tenant Screening Service

Many property owners forget the importance of thoroughly screening their tenants. Taking on a bad tenant can be an expensive mistake, so we offer tenant screening services to the Tampa Bay Area of Florida. We will check that your tenant has a history of paying rent on time, a stable work history and has maintained their past rental properties in great condition.

Lease Preparation Service

With our 25 years of real estate and property management experience, we understand how Florida rental agreements and contracts work. We can use our expert knowledge to prepare your lease, even if you don't take on any of our other services.

Maintenance and Repair Service

Property Management Tampa Florida

Maintaining and repairing property can be expensive and time consuming for property owners, especially if they live far away from their rental property. We have a large group of professional subcontractors that have worked us with before. Because of our long relationship, we can offer you prices that are not available to the general public.

The benefits of using a professional property management company often exceed the relatively small cost many times over. By using an experience property manager like Langee Realty Inc., you can sit back and relax knowing that your property is occupied with a good tenant and that your investment is maintained in perfect condition.

Landlord Pricing for Langee Realty (813) 333-5263

Plan 1 - We find your tenant.

1 Month rent for finding a tenant.

Plan 2 - We collect the rent only.

7% of rent for tenant relations. (When collected from tenant )

50% of late fees (When collected from tenant )

100% of Eviction Notice fees (When collected from tenant )

Plan 3 - We collect the rent and coordinate repairs

10% of rent for tenant relations. (When collected from tenant )

50% of late fees (When collected from tenant )

100% of Eviction Notice fees (When collected from tenant )

18% Use of brokers money for repairs.

No tenant lease renewal fee

Why You Should Use a Professional Property Management Company

Owning a property for the rental market can be financially lucrative, but it also takes a lot of time and effort to find and manage tenants, prepare leases, collect rent as well as repairing and maintaining your homes.

Property Management Tampa Florida

Expert property investors and landlords agree on one thing: if you have just entered the rental property market or do not have the large list of skills it takes to successfully manage a rental property, then itís best to leave the job to a professional property management company.

There are many questions you can ask yourself to decide if taking on the services of a property management company is right for you.

1. Where is your property located? If itís located any more than a short distance away from where you live, then itís much better to get a local property management company to provide day-to-day management.

2. Some properties can require frequent repairs and visits. Are you able to dedicate the time required for this, or would you be better off letting a property management company take on those responsibilities for you?

3. Are you able to commit the time required to find tenants, collect rents, property upkeep and maintenance? If not, then it would be best to leave all or some of these jobs to an experienced property manager?

4. Do you have enough time to spend doing things you enjoy? If you are already managing your own property and having a stressful experience and a lack of free time, would it be better to give away a relatively small amount of rental income but in return receive much more time to spend with your family or taking part in your favorite hobbies?

Property Management Tampa Florida

New property owners and landlords can often be hesitant to take on the services of a property management company in a bid to save costs. Many new property owners have fallen for this mistake and have paid the price for it. Getting behind on your property maintenance or taking in the wrong type of tenant are all things that can be prevented with the professional services of a good property manager.

Langee Realty, Inc. is based in and covers the Tampa Bay Area, Florida. We are a full service property management company with more than 25 years of real estate and property management experience. We can offer you anything from tenant location and lease preparation services to our complete, fully managed service which lets you sit back, relax and enjoy the return of your investment property without any effort on your part. Here are some of the ways we can help you:

Florida Landlord eviction services LLC

Eviction notice delivery and document preparation services. (813) 333-5263

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